萬法唯心 – Impermanence


July 8, 2007 4:24 pm

I’m very lucky this time to get to visit Wu Tai Shan 五台山 with the whole family, it will be extermely hard once I start working. Wutai Shan is one of the Four Sacred Mountains in Chinese Buddhism. (Wiki) I wanted to visit the moutain after visitng Jiu Hua Shan, but it was quite difficult since this line is not very popular for and not many HK travel agent do it. This was made easier with a relatively new travel agent called SIG Holiday, we were quite happy with them, everything was well organised and very few selling points. If I get a chance, it would be nice to stay there for a week next time :).

Wu Tai Shan


位於我國山西五台縣東北,與峨眉山、普陀山、九華山合稱為我國佛教之四大靈山。以東、西、南、北、中五峰聳立,山頂 無林木,壘土如台,故稱五臺山。又以五巒巍然,拔乎群山,盛夏仍不知炎暑,故別號清涼山。為古來文殊菩薩示現之道場,廣受海內之信仰。華嚴經菩薩住處品及 寶藏陀羅尼經謂文殊菩薩住處為五頂,名清涼山。此為文殊信仰之由來。五台為:東台望海峰,又稱無恤台、常山頂。西台挂月峰,又稱瞢薨豆山,上有泉群山。南台 錦繡峰,又稱系舟山。北台協鬥峰,又稱夏屋山、覆宿埵。中台即翠岩峰。自北魏文帝遊中台,創建大孚圖靈鷲寺後即佛寺林立。極盛時,五峰內外佛剎多達三百餘 寺,迄今約存一百餘寺。其中以大佛光寺與顯通寺之無梁殿、銅殿著稱於世。羅侯寺、清涼寺、金閣寺、北山寺、望海寺、大文殊寺亦頗為著名。與此山有關係之名 僧很多,如:不空建金閣寺、玉華寺等,成為密教中心。法照建竹林寺,修習念佛三昧;日僧圓仁承其教法,傳至比睿山,是為引聲念佛之始。澄觀曾于大華嚴寺著 華嚴經疏。日本之入唐僧、入宋僧至此參訪者頗多。又如高麗之慈藏、罽賓之佛陀波利等皆曾登山參訪。

元 代成宗皇太后嘗建大萬聖佑國寺,並重修五台諸寺。八思巴亦曾駐此。明萬曆年間,重修大塔院寺,建護國釋迦文佛舍利塔,塔臺上築有球形之塔身,上安十三級之 相輪,塔高二十七丈,周圍二十五丈,為西藏式喇嘛塔,是山中最為壯觀之地。清康熙以後,歷代皇帝行幸不絕,捐資營修,滿蒙之佛教徒亦常至此巡塔,活佛亦屢 次巡駐。今住僧中分為青衣、黃衣兩派。青衣僧住大顯通寺、大塔院、金閣、靈境等十剎。黃衣僧為喇嘛僧,住菩薩頂、金剛窟、羅侯等十大剎。自古以來蒙古王公 每歲朝山,佈施甚厚。

Trip to Forest Hermitage

May 28, 2007 8:12 pm

Yesterday, a group of us from London visited the Forest Hermitage. Many thanks to KC for driving me and it was a enjoyable trip. The temple and the surroundings is very nice, but since it was raining yesterday, we didn’t get spend much time outside. It was quite easy to get to from London, not too far after getting off the M40. We arrived at around 10am, offer food to monks at Forest Hermitage and had a talk with Ajahn Khemadhammo. We did help out a little like like cleaning the kitchen and brassing. Afterwards, we went to visit the Wood Cottage as well, a cottage very close to Forest Hermitage where retreats takes place every month.

Meditation on Snowdon – There will also be a Walk and Meditation event on 14th & 15th on Snowdon. It’s a sponsored walk and Meditation on the highest point in England & Wales to raise money for Wood Cottage. A poster, details and a form can be found here.

I only managed to took some photos inside, much more on Steven’s site.

Food Offerings

Day trip to Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

March 18, 2007 1:49 am

Today ULUBUDA and ICBS had a day trip to Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, around 30 of us took a coach there this morning. It is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable day I had so far. I think it was the environment and the people there which allow me to really relax, got to enjoy the countryside,enjoy the fresh air and listen to the birds. At the same time, getting to know myself better and just see things as they come and pass. Didn’t have anything to worry about and was able to just relax and enjoy the moment and live the present moment.

While I was enjoying the peacefulness, I got the chance to really reflect on myself. Asking question like what more do I want in life? My answer was that this moment of peacefulness is what I should treasure and live with. We often try to search and hope for something in the future, but if we do this all the time, the moment that we hope will never come because we always want more. Rather than worrying about the future, what I should concentrate on is in fact this moment, right here, right now. Many will agree that material things can only bring us temporary happiness and it’s conditional. Why are we craving for more and more when we know that it doesn’t bring us ultimate happiness.

Like many things, meditation is something that we must experience ourselves, no one else can do it for us. E.g. no matter how much someone tells us about the taste of sugar, we wouldn’t know how it taste like unless we try it ourselves. To experience the peacefulness, all we need to learn is to let go, let go of our desires and our clingings. When we can truly let go, the experience of peacefulness is belong what words can describe. Although I’m still far from it :(.

Since I came back from the temple, there have been many things happening and I’m already losing that calmness and feeling the attachments that I have. I am trying to maintain the mindfulness and calmness at all time despite the surroundings. I think you will agree with me that we work a lot more efficient what we are not too stress, of course not too relax either. Finding the balance (middle way) of the two is the way to go and that’s what I need to practise in my daily life.

Don’t need to go and search for peacefulness elsewhere, it’s within our ability to experience it right now. Just give yourself 5-10 minutes, sit and relax, tell yourself that within this time you will let go of all the things that is troubling us. Purely observe our (wondering) mind and let our thoughts pass, don’t attach to any thoughts that may arise and let our mind rest. Don’t you think we all deserve a break from this busy world, relax but don’t fall asleep :)!

Kathina Ceremony – Amaravati

October 29, 2006 10:02 am

Kathina Ceremony

Today I went to Amaravati Buddhist Monastery to attend the Kathina Ceremony. It’s quite an experience, the monks there lives a very simple life and it reminds me of what I really need in life. The temple is very nice and I would recommend you to go. Their retreats are very propular, they have long retreats and some shorter one (weekend) which would be a good start on finding out more about Buddhism and the temple. Have a look at their website if you have time:

I took some photos, but haven’t got my k800i working with my computer. Will upload some photos when I get it working. Also I was reading a a book that I got from AMTB UK on Pure-Land Zen, Zen Pure-Land, it’s a book on Letters from Patriarch Yin Kuang. It’s a very good book and I’m enjoying it. I read the Chinese version before and I was very happy to find the English version. Have a look at this page for a question and answer that I quoted from this book on:

Will be quoting more from the book later :).